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1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS

1989 Camaro RS.jpg

My first LOVE, the 3rd Generation Chevrolet Camaro.  Must have been all the road trips growing up with the family, me looking out the windows of our chevy astro van for hours at the other cars on the road as we cruised i95 north and south to and from Fllorida.  This model was all over the road in 80-90's. 


I bought this one in the summer of 2003 while i was working at an independent shop.  This would be my 4th of this body style.  A 5 speed manual with a 305ci TBi and my first with T-Tops.


Resealed all weatherstripping door seals and ttop seals on this car.  I also installed weld in subframe connectors and boxed control arms.  Noticeably adding to the rigidity of the body and improving the handling characteristics.  I wanted to fit as much rubber as possible under the fenders, so i installed a staggered width and diameter set of ROH 5 spoke wheels. Ended up with 295's in the rear or maybe even 315's.  I installed the coveted Z28 checkerboard tail lamps with led bulbs from and electronic flasher.


This car was probably somebody's flip as i reflect on it now.  It had been beautifully re-painted.  GM had paint adherence issues at this time of production.  The paint would chip down to the grey primer in huge patches.  I suspect a paint guy bought cheap looking like a blue grey spotted cow and and re-sprayed it, then sold it to me.  I was still an ignorant kid at the time maybe 22 years old fresh out of college.  A year later I managed to sell this car for $9500 and make my first profit on a vehicle.  Look for the white face glow gauges that were trending at the time.

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