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2000 Ford F350


The Year is 2013.  Only my second purchase from a Copart Auction.  I had just sold my beautiful Black lifted 2009 GMC Sierra to free up equity to finish the 6 Blueberry Ln house project.  After owning a "Show Truck", working it and crying over every scratch.  I figured out, you can't have both.  You either work the truck and it gets destroyed cosmetically, or you baby the truck by never hauling anything.  I needed a work truck.    My father had and still has a 2000 F350 with the 7.3l international diesel engine.  These trucks developed a Great reputation for strength and reliability.  I chose this disaster of a wreck cause the front tow hooks looked to be level and evenly spaced.  All the bent up body could just be cut off and bolted back on top.  I replaced the drivers front fender, inner fender supports, radiator support, grill, front lights, headlamp buckets, bumper and hood.  Despite not having any after photos this was my first truck to receive my favorite Rustoleum Textured Spray Paint finish of Desert Tan.  I knew Nothing about RollingCoal before this truck, but learned all about it since it came with a TSPerformance pos Chip in it.  

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